Virginia Mason Institute

Pioneers in Continuous Improvement

Pioneers in Continuous Improvement

For more than a decade, Virginia Mason Institute has been helping improve the quality, cost and delivery of health care worldwide. Virginia Mason Institute was founded on the integrated health care management and quality improvement system developed and applied by Virginia Mason Health System. The health system’s successful track record of excellence in patient care has been the basis for the Institute’s work.

As a pioneer in continuous health care improvement, we have embedded this methodology deeply into our culture. And our close ties to the health system give us an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise. By partnering with us, organizations learn from world-renowned health care improvement experts who have trained and coached executives in over 25 countries. We understand the challenges health care leaders’ face every day providing timely, quality care with zero defects while keeping costs low for the system and patients.

“Our support can help them reach their goals, whether it’s through focused coaching, training or large-scale organizational transformation." – Sarah Patterson

“We want to share the lessons we’ve learned with health care leaders everywhere,” said Sarah Patterson, executive director, Virginia Mason Institute. “Through education and coaching, we work closely with organizations to help them build and create a culture of continuous improvement, just as Virginia Mason has done for the past 17 years. Every organization is different, but in the end we all want to provide the perfect patient experience. Our support can help them reach their goals, whether it’s through focused coaching, training or large-scale organizational transformation.”

Our Solutions:

  • Health system transformation by working with leaders and teams to embed sustainable continuous improvement principles, tools, and systems.
  • Customized services including executive retreats, improvement project facilitation, supporting breakthrough innovation and lean facility design.
  • Coaching, training and development in areas such as improving flow, innovation, workshops and events, including, the 2019 Symposium on Creating Value and Reliability in Health Care.

Virginia Mason Institute team members are some of the most experienced health care improvement experts in the world. Trained in the Virginia Mason Production System, they partner with health care leaders who want to start their own continuous improvement journey and provide a wide range of strategic guidance and tools to help each organization pursue what’s most important to them.

2019 Institute Highlights

  • Virginia Mason Institute Symposium: Creating Greater Value and Reliability in Health Care
  • United Kingdom
  • Surrey and Sussex
  • Harvard Medical School/Clinical Directors Network Partnership

  • Japan Genba Study Tour

Virginia Mason Institute Symposium: Creating Greater Value and Reliability in Health Care

The Institute offered this exclusive event with an intimate setting for health care leaders from around the globe to gather and share inspiring stories, lessons learned, and through the lens of the spinal surgery team at Virginia Mason Hospital, see a first-hand example of stopping the line. Participants were able to tour Virginia Mason’s Seattle campus on the third day of this event. Over 80 participants representing 28 organizations around the world attended this exciting event.

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United Kingdom

The institute offered its first public trainings in London, UK — including the much anticipated Role of the Executive in Healthcare series.

Surrey and Sussex

We continue to work alongside the English National Health Service (NHS), of which one of our partners, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SaSH) received an overall ‘outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission — regulator of health and social care services across the UK — as well the highest possible rating for medical care, surgery and maternity in 2019. SaSH CEO Michael Wilson commented, “This wouldn’t have been possible without our strong partnership with Virginia Mason, where we have truly learned to understand the value of continuous improvement.”

Harvard Medical School/Clinical Directors Network Partnership

Through this partnership, Harvard Medical School, Clinical Directors Network and Virginia Mason Institute offered a set of three webinars that featured content on leadership.

Japan Genba Study Tour

Three client groups attended the Study tour this year including: University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center (UMSJ), NHSI SaSH, and CHI Franciscan and Highline.

As a strategic advisor to health care executives, Virginia Mason Institute continues to contribute to the health system’s vision to be the Quality Leader and transform health care, and to helping organizations around the world improve their performance and create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

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