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Transforming Health Care Worldwide

For more than a decade, Virginia Mason Institute has been helping improve the quality, cost and delivery of health care worldwide. The Institute prepares organizations to dynamically apply the principles, methods, and tools of the Toyota Production system designed to continuously eliminate waste and improve value to the customer. In a rapidly evolving health care landscape, the Institute empowers health care leaders to address current challenges and proactively mitigate emerging issues.

“We want to share the lessons we’ve learned with health care leaders everywhere,” said Sarah Patterson, executive director, Virginia Mason Institute. “Through education and coaching, we work closely with clients to help them build organizational capabilities and create a culture of continuous improvement, just as Virginia Mason has done for the past 16 years. Every organization is different, but in the end we all want to provide the perfect patient experience. Our services can help them reach their goals, whether it’s through focused coaching or large-scale organizational transformation.”

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The Institute offers services in three core areas:

  • Health system transformation by working with leaders and teams to embed sustainable continuous improvement principles, tools, and systems.
  • Customized services including executive retreats, 3P improvement events (Production, Preparation, Process), and lean facility design.
  • Coaching, training and development in areas such as improving flow, innovation, workshops and events, including, the 2019 Symposium on Creating Value and Reliability in Health Care.

Virginia Mason Institute sensei are some of the most experienced health care improvement experts in the world. Trained in the Virginia Mason Production System, they partner with health care leaders who want to start their own continuous improvement journey. Virginia Mason Institute sensei provide a wide range of strategic guidance and tools to help each organization pursue what’s most important to them.

2018 Institute Highlights

New Strategic Transformation Clients

  • University of Wisconsin Health, Wisconsin
  • Clinica Sierra Vista, Federally Qualified Health Center, California

Helping Others in Their Journey

The Virginia Mason Institute has helped many clients achieve remarkable results and, ultimately, transform the way they provide health care. Some examples include:

  • Reduced discharge times for patients having specialist surgery by 61 percent
  • Reduced time for patients to be prepped for anesthesia by 63 percent
  • Improved safety with an increase in reporting of patient safety incidents by 103 percent, along with a 77 percent reduction in time it takes for those incidents to be investigated
  • An increase in staff reporting they are actively engaged in improvement efforts and significant improvement in staff satisfaction
  • Eliminated 3,370 miles walked by staff to retrieve equipment

As a strategic advisor to health care executives, the Institute continues to contribute to the vision of transforming health care, and to improving the bottom line of every health care organization it encounters.

“Every organization is different, but in the end we all want to provide the perfect patient experience.”

Strategic Partnerships

In 2015, the Institute entered into a five-year agreement to provide transformation services to England’s National Health Service, which oversees hospitals and health care organizations across the country serving millions of patients.

In the four years that the Institute has been working with England’s National Healthcare System, there has been great progress. Jeremy Hunt, former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, England has said, “It is clear to see how much progress staff at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare, (SASH) are making to improve safety and patient care through their renowned partnership with Virginia Mason. They have fantastic values — but what sets them apart is their measurement of these values which allows patients to see for themselves how the attitudes and ethos of staff directly improves the care they receive.” SASH has recently been rated “outstanding” the highest rating possible from the UK Care Quality Commission.

In the fall of 2018, the Institute opened an office in the United Kingdom, providing a convenient alternative for organizations in the UK and Europe to access the Institute's best-in-class training and coaching support.

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