Virginia Mason

2018 Financial Data

Fiscal year ending Dec. 31 (000s omitted)
2018 Financial Results
2018 2017
Net Revenue from Patient Care This amount represents the revenue Virginia Mason received from patient care services. $1,038,662 $957,505
Other Operating Revenue This amount represents the revenue for any nonpatient care activities. 62,842 67,637
Total Revenue $1,101,504 $1,025,142
Total Expenses This amount represents the cost of salaries and benefits, supplies, utilities, interest, taxes and other operating costs. $1,105,376 $1,017,819
Operating Income (Loss) This amount represents the revenue that remains after operating costs are covered. (3,872) 7,323
Percent Margin* (.4%) .7%
Nonoperating Income** This amount represents the income or (loss) Virginia Mason received from investments and other sources. (13,034) 13,077
Total Income ($16,906) $20,400
Percent Margin*

*Percent Margin: To stay viable, Virginia Mason must meet expenses and have money left over (margin) to invest in people, technology and facilities.

**Nonoperating Income: Investment losses reported in 2018 were largely offset by gains year-to-date, April 2019.
(1.5%) 2.0%