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Pediatrics Provides Comfort and Care to Families

Pediatrics Provides Comfort and Care to Families

Some of the newer patients at Virginia Mason Bellevue Medical Center don’t carry their own insurance card. They’re also more curious than most, especially about the lobby fish tank.

“There’s something new at Bellevue — kids!” says Amanda Locke, director, Ambulatory Services. “Since adding pediatric care our clinic has become a much livelier place. It’s so much fun seeing children interact with each other. We really enjoy having them.”

image description The George family: Kaden, Susan, Jake and Carter

With the opening of pediatric services in July 2019, Bellevue joined Virginia Mason’s family of seven regional medical centers providing care to children and families. Our care teams build relationships with parents, starting as early as a prenatal visit. Every well-child check — most babies will have eight or more visits in their first year alone — is an opportunity for parents to talk about their concerns, ask questions and form a care bond that may continue through a child’s formative years.

Pediatrics will be among the thirteen added specialties offered at Virginia Mason Bellevue Medical Center’s new location, opening this summer. Look for us at the Wilburton Village, 11695 NE 4th Street, in downtown Bellevue.

Having grown up seeing the same physician from childhood into early adulthood, new mom Susan George appreciated the reassuring presence of a consistent care provider. She chose Virginia Mason Bellevue pediatrician David Schneider, MD, as her newborn son’s first doctor. She was already a parent to young stepson Carter, but admits having her baby Kaden was a whole new experience.

“Since I didn’t know what to expect, I was so happy with how easy and helpful each of Kaden’s well-child checks were,” says Susan. “Not only do Dr. Schneider and the team provide excellent care, they were great at putting me at ease as the mother of a newborn. At every visit Dr. Schneider carefully explained next steps for Kaden so I felt prepared.”

Interacting with the parents of his patients fosters connection with the whole family, says Dr. Schneider. Another important connection families make at Bellevue Pediatrics is with the close-knit staff. Kids get to know the faces of their care team, providing the comfort of a medical “family” as they navigate childhood.

Long before he practiced pediatrics, Dr. Schneider spent time getting to know children. As a college student he tutored kids in math and science as part of an after school program, and he helped train young dancers as a professional ballet dancer. Once in medical school, he found his pediatric rotations to be the most rewarding, and a career path came into view.

“It’s the kids that make my work so enjoyable,” says Dr. Schneider. “They say the funniest things. Even if they’re sick, they’re going to do something that just lightens the room.”

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