Virginia Mason Memorial

High Quality Coordinated Care

Health care inequity occurs every day – sometimes within the walls of our own health care system. We’re working hard to change that at Virginia Mason Memorial.

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Our team members create extraordinary experiences for our patients.

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I work on bringing in data from the various systems at Virginia Mason, and make it visible and valuable to our teams that need it.

Shilpa Allimatti, Senior Business Intelligence Developer

I decided to become a medical assistant because, as a child, I was always interested in the medical field and helping...

Brandon Johnson, Medical Assistant, Edmonds

The most rewarding part of my job is feeling as though I have made a difference in my patients’ lives, whether that’s turning around an acute, serious health concern...

Angela Johnston, ARNP, Hospitalist Service

There are many things that make Virginia Mason special, but what stands out to me is the culture of teamwork in the service of our patients and the lack of ego and territoriality.

Hashim Mehter, MD, Critical Care makes me happy that they finally made it to Virginia Mason to get the care they deserve and need.

Jenny Aguilar, Admitting Coordinator

This allows for synergies that you expect to see at the top academic medical institutions...

Bernard Khor, MD, PhD, Assistant Member, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

The most rewarding part of my role is being able to take my experiences and, in a small way, help Virginia Mason be the quality leader and transform health care.

Lonnie Edelheit, Virginia Mason Board of Directors

I've also had patients tell me how happy they are with the care they receive here and rave how Virginia Mason is the best they've encountered.

Diem Ha, RN, Surgical and Procedural Short Stay Unit, Seattle