Virginia Mason Foundation

A Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Are you familiar with the fable about the king who challenged a lord to a game of chess? Before play started the king asked the lord what he would like to receive as a reward if he won the game. The lord asked for rice, with a single grain of rice being placed on the first square of the chess board and the number of grains of rice being doubled for every subsequent square. The king agreed thinking this was a moderate request. The lord won the game, and the king quickly realized that by the time he gets to square 64 on the board, that the amount of rice he is to give is so vast that it cannot be contained.

image description Jeanne Jachim, Vice President, Virginia Mason, President, Virginia Mason Foundation

While this is a wonderful illustration of exponential growth, it is also a perfect example of the impact of philanthropy at Virginia Mason. It is not unusual to occasionally wonder whether our gifts and contributions really matter. And the answer is exponentially, yes! Whether it is the gift of time through volunteer companionship that helps a patient recover; or a small gift that combines with many other gifts to provide hot meals for Bailey-Boushay House clients; or the restaurant that gives a percentage of profits to support kids and families with hands-on learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyles; or a major gift donation that supports research leading to a discovery that creates a pathway to stop breast cancer tumors from growing and spreading — your gifts matter.

When you stop and consider these few examples, regardless of variety, type or size of gift, you can see the benefits happening each and every day for our patients. And, without a doubt, the exponential impact of every contribution we receive is also felt in our community and beyond.

In 2018, we received philanthropic support totaling $19.8 million, including more than 25,000 hours of volunteer time and energy. On behalf of our patients and their families, our staff and physicians, and our boards and community, thank you for your generosity, partnership and exponential impact!

Jeanne Jachim

Vice President, Virginia Mason
President, Virginia Mason Foundation