Donor Profile: Lauren Lippincott

Lauren Lippincott: “I Know BRI is in My Corner”

“I’m pretty darn grateful to be here and have the job that I do,” says Lauren Lippincott, who has five autoimmune diseases. “I know BRI is in my corner. I’m proud to be in theirs.” BRI is, of course, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, which has provided Lauren with information and hope throughout her life.

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At age 4, Lauren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Diagnoses of several other conditions followed. She remembers clearly the day she learned that they were all related autoimmune diseases difficult to treat and cure. It was at a talk given by Jerry Nepom, MD, PhD, former BRI director. Accepting the reality of her situation, Lauren decided to turn her health problems into something positive by helping others in similar situations.

She became a licensed therapist and now has many clients with similar stories to her own. Lauren says her work and her spirit are bolstered by the strides that BRI is making in the fight to prevent the damage done by autoimmune diseases. She calls the institute “a powerhouse of knowledge, compassion and success.”

Support of BRI is a family affair. Lauren’s mother, Jessica Muffet, was a long-time member of the BRI board, and Lauren gives her time and financial support to “Illuminations,” an annual fundraising event that supports BRI’s work. She urges others to join in the autoimmune disease fight. “We can make a difference.”

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