Donor Profile: Erin Bauer, MD, and Family

A Commitment to Giving

Bailey-Boushay House would not exist without the continued support of people like Erin Bauer, MD, and her family. A Virginia Mason rheumatologist, Dr. Bauer learned the importance of philanthropy when she was just a teenager. That’s when her grandfather — who was also a physician — started the Charles D. and Mary A. Bauer Foundation.

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Dr. Bauer's grandfather believed philanthropy was pivotal to improving America, and he launched the foundation to cultivate leaders and support community needs. That’s why recently Dr. Bauer led efforts to involve the Bauer Foundation in helping fund new laundry and shower facilities at Bailey-Boushay. More and more, Bailey-Boushay clients are homeless and many of them sleep outside because shelters — and their showers — don't always feel safe.

Dr. Bauer says when she toured Bailey-Boushay with her father, they realized what their help could accomplish. “We saw that the staff cares deeply for their clients. The director, Brian Knowles, greeted clients by name.”

When Dr. Bauer reported what she had learned at this year's family meeting, the Bauer Foundation made a generous gift to cover part of the shower and laundry project’s cost.

“Bailey-Boushay does so much to serve our community,” Dr. Bauer says. “It's an honor to help them make a difference.”

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