Bailey-Boushay House

A Message from the Executive Director and Board Chairman

Dear Friends,

Looking back on a remarkable year for Bailey-Boushay House, one constant is the extraordinary impact of our volunteers. In the stories that follow, two volunteers describe the importance of empathy and connection for improving people's lives. Meeting our clients and residents where they are – listening to understand, offering comfort without judgment — is how those who serve our population create an environment of security and hope.

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Safety and security were key drivers for opening Bailey-Boushay’s emergency night shelter in November, providing 50 beds to address rising homelessness in our outpatient population. The first homeless shelter in the world specifically designed for people with HIV, our shelter supports people in ways others can’t, by offering:

  • A flexible community, with few “rules”
  • Access for men, women, transgender clients and couples (even pets)
  • Special care for behavioral problems or other health-related issues
  • Assistance with life skills and the steps toward permanent housing

For clients ready to take the next step, our Housing Stability Project continues to evolve. One pillar of the program is rental assistance, to identify available housing and defray costs. But to be successful in housing takes more than financial support. Our housing stability “safety net” includes help with planning, applications and managing a budget, along with group classes on handling stress, resolving conflict and learning to live within a community.

For so many of our clients, Bailey-Boushay is the first community to welcome them in a very long time. Our focus is building on the trust we earn when our clients feel physically and emotionally safe, keeping them on lifesaving medication as new possibilities come into view.

Every member of the Bailey-Boushay team — from the clinicians, nurses and therapists to our support staff and volunteers — embrace clients and residents as people, independent of their health status or diagnosis. The result is those in our care feel accepted and known, not in a facility but in a place they call home. We could not be more grateful for the support we receive from the community, our care partners and individuals who believe in the power of Bailey-Boushay.


Brian Knowles

Executive Director
Bailey-Boushay House

Derrick Woolston

Board Chairman 2017-2018
Bailey-Boushay House